Society of Buddhist and Hindu Students (SBHS)


Main21-300x252SBHS is a student organization that provides support for students who identify with the Buddhist or Hindu faith traditions, encourages cultural and spiritual exploration for Allegheny students who do not practice these faiths, and plans educational field trips to Buddhist and Hindu temples.

A Prayer and Meditation Retreat at the center of campus provides space for students of these faith groups to gather and to practice their religion.



“Hinduism and Buddhism are known by many names in many places. Both have a rich oral history and traditions dating back uncountable years. Any believer who subscribes to a moral faith centered around a singular divine God with many forms can be said to a follower of Hinduism, and any practitioner of selfless meditation can be called a Buddhist. There is no limiting factor, no dividing line, because religion is not something that divides, but rather something that unifies.”

— Vyasar Ganesan ’12

“ One of the first things I noticed as a freshman at Allegheny was that there wasn’t a student group that offered support to Hindus. Once I realized that there wasn’t one for Buddhists, either, we decided to form an organization that would make the Allegheny experience even more enriching for not only Buddhist and Hindu students, but also for those who are interested in exploring these faith traditions.”

— Anulekha Venkatram, ‘13