Living-Learning Communities

What is a Living Learning Community?

At other colleges and universities, Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are groups of students with common interests who live together in residence halls. At Allegheny we take it a step further. Our Living-Learning Communities are limited to first year students who enroll in a specially designated FS class. You and your classmates will live together in Baldwin Hall. You’ll be able to talk with each other about class and work together on homework and projects. Students who have been in previous LLCs praise them for providing a sense of community, extra support in the transition to college, and many opportunities to get involved in college life.

What LLC participants are saying:

  • 95% of students who took an LLC would strongly recommend it to new students.
  • 83% feel it helped them engage more with the Allegheny community.
  • 95% felt the LLC had a positive impact on their academic performance.
  • 83% felt it helped them develop friendships with their peers.

Our LLC alumni have also shared these comments about their experience:

  • “The LLC experience is definitely one that I would recommend. It is the best way to get the full experience of freshman year.”
  • “Being part of an LLC definitely helped make my experience better in the beginning of freshman year.  It helped me transition into college, with friends automatically to help out.”  
  • “I think over all it was a great opportunity and it definitely helped me to feel more comfortable at Allegheny until I could branch out and establish my own friendship and activities.” 
  • “It puts a group of people who are nervous and don’t know what to expect into a tightly knit group of good friends that encourage academic and personal growth.” 
  • “I’m a shy person so living and learning with my peers was helpful.”
  • “The LLC experience is definitely one that I would recommend. It is the best way to get the full experience of freshman year.”
  • “LLC helps you get to know your floormates and guarantees that you will have someone to talk to who will eventually become a friend.”
  • “LLC is great with making new friends and it helped my academics hugely.” 
  • “I had a positive experience living in a LLC because of the friendships and relationships that I made as a result.  The LLC allowed us to interact with each other and talk about topics that we were discussing in class.”

Things to Consider!

  • Enrolling in an LLC means that you will be pre-registered for your FS class. Other students will choose an FS class during summer registration. You will have peace of mind; they will have a wider range of topics from which to choose.
  • It’s a great way to make connections with faculty and classmates. You live and attend FS class with 14 other students. While you get to know them well and see them every day, you will also have two or three classes with other students.
  • Baldwin Hall only houses first year students. Some students prefer this; others choose a regular FS section to be able to live in a residence hall with upper class students.
  • Some LLC classes include activities outside of the normal class meeting. In the past, these activities have included community service, field trips, movie screenings, and social activities.

Fall 2014 Living Learning Communities

Section 1: Democracy, Education, and Culture: What Is My Responsibility? (Professor Weisman)

Section 18: Of Gods and Monsters: Religion, Film, and the Uncanny (Professor Boynton)

Section 22: Peace or Blood: Reacting to the Controversies of the Civil War Era (Professor Binnington)

Section 36: Treasures From the Earth:  A Global Exploration of Resources (Professor Cole)

I Want to Choose an LLC!

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