Chinese House

Location: North Village Building C

Ni hao! Welcome to the Chinese House, which represents 5,000 years of culture and language. Located in North Village Building C, Room 101, the family of the Chinese House consists of five members, including a Chinese teaching assistant.

When you enter the house, the huge fan with a Chinese landscape and the red dragon decoration will show you the aim of this house: to propagate the Chinese culture. Meanwhile, if you look around in the meeting room, you will see yellow notepaper clinging to items everywhere, showing residents names in Chinese and indicating their interest and diligence in learning Chinese.

The Chinese House is not only for students who are learning the Chinese language, but also for anyone who has an interest in China and Chinese culture. In light of this purpose, the Chinese House is planning to host some activities in Chinese style this academic year, including, among other activities, a Chinese New Year (the Spring Festival) Party, Dumpling Party, Chinese Movie, and Tea Meeting.

If you want to get closer to China and Chinese culture, or if you just want to make some friends or learn more about China, you are more than welcome to join the activities. Huan ying!