Incoming Student Housing Process

First-Year Buildings


Important Information:

Incoming Student Housing Agreement – This form contains the Housing Agreement, Housing Preferences, and Meal Plan Selection. This form is for incoming first-year and transfer students. You may make changes to your selections/preferences through June 30. You may make changes to your meal plan through the summer. Please note: you will select your meal plan within the Housing Agreement; after the Housing Agreement closes, you may make changes to your meal plan by selecting “Meal Plan” in the side bar.

Housing Exemption Request Form – This form is for students who are requesting to be exempt from the four-year residency requirement. Commuters and other students who meet the exemption criteria need to complete this form to avoid receiving a housing assignment.

Room Rates  

Accommodations: If you would like to request a housing accommodation, please see the Housing Accommodation Request page and/or contact the Director of Disability Services, John Mangine (, 814-332-2898). All documentation is due by June 30.   

Incoming Student Housing Process

  1. Students will complete the Incoming Student Housing Agreement by the deadline. Preferences will be in order of deposit date; updates to preferences will not alter your date.
  2. Students who are in specialty housing will be placed. Students in these areas may not be able to request roommates who are not part of their specialty housing program. Once a student is placed in specialty housing, they may not change to a different type of housing.
  3. Residence Life will place students into housing based on their preferences. Students who have mutually matched roommate requests will be placed together when possible; students who do not have a preferred roommate will be paired based on preferences.
  4. Students will be able to see their roommate and housing assignment in Self-Service. Once students have received their placement, there are no room or roommate changes until two weeks after classes start.

Changes in Housing Assignments: The College reserves the right to make adjustments to housing assignments in order to accommodate all housing needs. Students will be informed if changes must be made to assignments after Housing Selection.

Students who do not complete the Housing Agreement will be assigned to a vacant space.

Transfer Housing Options

Please see Housing Information for the various types and locations of housing for transfer students.