Crawford Hall

This all-female residence hall contains doubles room, approximately 16’x12’. Carpeted rooms feature New England woodcraft furniture and two built-in closets.  Windows are typically around 4’6”x5’6” (includes two-drawer dresser, three door dresser, desk with book carousel, chair, and bed for each student).

All rooms have internet jacks and multiple outlets. All buildings are non-smoking and do not allow pets other than fish.

Crawford Hall
461 Highland Ave.
First-year students
Single gender – female
Twin extra long bed with mattress, desk, and desk carrel
2 built in closets
One 3-drawer and one 2-drawer dresser per resident
Thermostat in individual rooms
Multiple newly renovated restrooms, large lounge, laundry centrally located, building located next to Wise Athletic Center and across street from the Campus Center

Crawford Floor Plan