College-Owned Houses

Upperclass students have the option of living in college-owned houses on the periphery of campus (Loomis Street, Park Avenue, Prospect Street, Sherman Street, and N. Main Street). These houses vary in size from 2-9 students, and may be free standing, duplexes, or triplexes. Bedrooms within the houses contain the standard bedroom furniture (desk, chair, dresser(s), closet/wardrobe, and bed). Common spaces have enough soft seating for the occupants of the house, and additional furniture varies by the house.

The houses are a living option that allows students to experience more independence and responsibility. While the College maintains the properties, students are responsible for taking out their own garbage/recycling,  day-to day cleaning and purchasing of products, shoveling of stairs/paths (shovels and salt provided by Physical Plant), and living within a neighborhood community. While there is limited parking at the house, if the number of occupants with cars exceeds the number of spaces available, students should plan to park in on-campus overflow lots.

Specific house information will only be sent to students who are eligible to live in the houses.

Allegheny also offers Special Interest Housing where students are able to explore their curricular and co-curricular interests while living with students with similar goals.

2020-2021 House Information