North Village I

North Village I – Individual Room

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North Village I houses 110 students in three buildings (Buildings A, B, and C). Each building is air-conditioned and has a laundry room. These two-level, carpeted upperclassmen apartments feature a full kitchen (including sink, refrigerator, and oven), a 9’x12’ common room (including sofa/love seat, table, and four chairs), and two bathrooms with external sinks. There are 5 bedrooms in each apartment. Individual bedrooms contain New England woodwork furniture (includes two-drawer dresser, three-door dresser, desk with book carousel, chair, and bed), and built-in closets.  Each 9’x10’ bedroom features one 5’6”x2’6” and one 5’6”x4’ window; common rooms contain two-story windows equipped with 6’x6’6” blinds.

North Village I Building C holds the Max Kade International Wing that offers living spaces by application only devoted to students studying languages and/or have a strong interest in International Affairs. They are the: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic/MENA (Middle Eastern, North Africa) and International Houses.

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