Max Kade International Wing

The Max Kade International Wing in North Village C is a special interest area that promotes cross-cultural sharing and exploration. The wing includes four language-focus houses (Arabic/MENA, German, French, and Spanish), one International Studies House, and one International Interest House. The International Interest House for students that do not have language ability but who have a strong academic interest in International Studies/Affairs.

Applicants for this community might include students with an interest in international or foreign language studies, international students, or students who have lived or traveled abroad. Sophomores are encouraged to apply but please note that preference may be given to students with more academic or international study experience. While a previous background in the particular language or academic area may strengthen a student’s application for a specific house, students do NOT have to be majoring in that field to be considered for the house.

For students with demonstrated (FAFSA) financial need, additional financial aid is possible up to $1,000. This aid is only available to students who reside in the language houses and International Studies House. Students who are unsure of their financial status should contact the office of Financial Aid (814) 332-2701 or

Students may apply for admission to more than one house.