Spanish House

Esta casa es su casa. The Spanish House is a special interest house designed for students interested in using and improving their Spanish language skills outside of the classroom environment. Four students live with a native-speaker of Spanish, either from Argentina, Spain or Mexico, with whom they can share day-to-day living experiences in the language, learn about cultural commonalities and differences, and plan events of interest for the broader Allegheny College Community. Each member of the house has a single room and shares a common living room and kitchen in which the lingua franca is Spanish. Students in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th years at Allegheny can apply to live in the house as a way to prepare for study abroad, continue their study abroad experience or to simply pursue their passion for Hispanic language and culture. Activities such as Game Night, or Film Night or cooking sessions preparing and sharing food from tapas to tacos, are held throughout the semester as are celebrations of important holidays and festivals like, El día de los muertos or Carnaval.

Be it part of your curricular major or minor or simply a way for you to maintain your current language skills and expand your cultural awareness, the house is the perfect space for you to live in Spanish while on the Allegheny College campus.