CBE Experiences with Morgan Libell ’22

The COVID era has brought many shifts and changes to summer plans for college students, yet many have discovered productive ways to make the best use of their time.  We asked Morgan Libell ’22, President of the Wealth Management Club…

How is your summer going?

This summer I have been working, visiting the wonders of Pittsburgh, and safely traveling around the east coast. The Wealth Management Club Team and I have been hard at work to develop a better website, and successfully launch our financial literacy campaign for the local Meadville high schools. We are also actively planning activities and seminars for the fall, and hope to do further recruiting to grow the club. So watch out for us on social media and the My Allegheny email!

What is you favorite CBE memory?

My favorite memory from the CBE is going to the Women in Economics symposium at the Cleveland FED.

What advice to you have for new students?

My advice is to take advantage of talking to the great CBE professors and staff because they can truly help you understand the various paths.  Also, research what kind of career and industry you want so you can cater your classes to that path.

Mogan Libell is a Junior at Allegheny from Pittsburgh, PA. She is a Business Major and Global Health Studies Minor, and President of the Allegheny College Wealth Management Club.