CBE Summer Experiences with Ebrima Darboe ’23

Ebrima Darboe '23Ebrima Darboe ’23 is continuing his summer internship as a Global Supply Chain Analyst at pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer. The internship was originally hybrid with the New York office, and is currently continuing as a remote experience.  We asked Ebrima:

How did you find your internship?

Ebrima: I first learned about Pfizer during the pandemic and discovered that the company positively impacts lives while being dedicated to fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment for colleagues. I found this internship opportunity on the Allegheny College Handshake Platform.

What were you doing during this experience?

Ebrima: This summer I had the unique opportunity to gain knowledge in the global supply chain within Pfizer. As a Global Supply Chain Analyst my team and I collaborated on global supply chain business initiatives, with an emphasis on sustainability and risk management. I worked on various projects, strengthening my data analytics skills to understand waste and risk levels associated with different Pfizer products.

Additionally, this internship allowed me to strengthen my business acumen and expand my professional network. I valued being a part of one of Pfizer’s College Resource Groups, the Global Black Community. My participation in the GBC allowed me to connect with other GBC Pfizer interns and professionals, be paired with a mentor, and have access to professional development opportunities. This internship experience provided me with the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience, and now I can see a potential career in the industry.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Ebrima: I would highly recommend this internship to other students, so they can explore their potential career interests and gain experience to broaden their skills and network.

Ebrima is an Economics major and Community and Justice Studies minor scheduled to graduate in May 2023.  He is the President of the Men of Color Advancement Association and a member of the African Student Association and Islamic Cultural Association. Additionally, he a member of the IDEAS center and participates in intramural basketball.

Studying economics at Allegheny College teaches students how people respond to incentives in making choices, and how those choices affect outcomes at both the micro and macro scale. A microeconomist might study how a firm or a family chooses to finance a new piece of equipment or a home purchase. A macroeconomist might study how a change in interest rates affects economic growth, unemployment, or the balance of trade. Community and Justice Studies (COMJ) investigates challenges facing communities, analyzes key methods of social action, develops ethical reasoning, and directly engages students in responsible engagement in our community. Community and Justice Studies offers students an intellectual framework for understanding social systems, structures, movements and how these shape society, especially in relationship to power and oppression.