Lunchtime Learning Speakers & Topics 2015 – 2017

Kim Tillotson Fleming

Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of the Board

“Leadership and Change in the Financial Services Industry”

Kristin Carter ’91

Assistant State Geologist, Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey,  Economic Geology Division

“A Journey in Petroleum Geology”

Robin Sciulli ’07 and Emily Marchione ’07

Director of PNC Capital Markets, PNC Bank + Integrated Project Manager, Willis Towers Watson

“Women in Business 10 Years Out”

Linda Stevenson

Founder, Athena Erie;  Supporting and Inspiring Women Leaders

“Empowering Women, Changing Lives”

Tom Murphy

Former Mayor of Pittsburgh
Urban Land Institute Senior Fellow

“Reaching for the Future:  Competing in the 21st Century”

Brian Greenburg ’81

Chief Financial Officer
Rapid Displays

“Navigating through The Sea of Life; an Allegheny Grad’s Journey from Shenango Lake to French Creek to Lake Michigan to Lake Xochimilco to across The Pond and back”

Gene Natali ’01

Senior Vice President
C.S. McKee, L. P.

“How to Prepare for a Career in Financial Services”

Jennifer Daurora ’99

Director of Operations
McGinnis Sisters

“My Allegheny Journey & Insights from McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores”


Jennifer Rothfuss ’08

Lean Six Sigma Facilitator, Performance Improvement Team, Chevron North American Exploration & Production Co.

“Using Lean Six Sigma to Achieve Goals and Improve Quality”

Allison Palmiero Brady ’92

President & General Manager
Palmiero Toyota Auto Group

“My journey from Allegheny Economics to President & General Manager”


Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza

President & CEO
Sterling Management Group

“The Five Pillars of Prosperity: Essentials of Faith-Based Wealth Building”

Darrell Park ’91

Executive Entrepreneur and Author

“Better than We Found It:  Simple Solutions to Some of the World’s Toughest Problems”

Stephanie Mancine ’13

Business Analyst, The Hill Group, Inc.

“The First Year Out: What It’s Really Like”

Joseph Cephas, M.A.

Vice President of Public Affairs,  Independent Electrical Contractors, Washington D.C.

“How I Achieved Early Success in the Job Market; How You Can, Too!”

Clay Saftner ’92

Principal & COO, Simpson & McCrady LLC

“From Allegheny Graduate to Financial Services Executive; The Best Training Programs Out There”

Rosalie Barsotti

Director, Human Resources (ret.), Westinghouse Electric Company

“What Do Hiring Managers Want to See in a Job Applicant”

Devone McLeod ’12

Wealth Associate, Key Private Bank at KeyCorp

“The Journey After Allegheny: Economics and the Real World”

Rebekah Lewin

Assistant Dean of Admissions & Student Engagement, University of Rochester

“When and Where to Pursue an MBA Following Your Allegheny Education”

Seth Young ’11

Senior Consultative Associate, Henderson Brothers, Inc.

“The Insurance Industry and its Internship Opportunities”

Robyn Stojakovich, MBA ’08

Talent Acquisition, UPMC

“The Best Ways to Present Yourself and Your Allegheny Education in Social Media, on Resumes and in Person”