Department Chairs

When’s the next Chairs’ meeting?  How should you begin to think about your upcoming departmental self-study?  Are department heads responsible for orienting a new building coordinator (or secretary)?  What can you do to make being a department chair “more satisfying and attractive”?  You will find answers to such questions here.

A Class Visit Model – this document provides suggestions for how to structure and carry out classroom observations of faculty colleagues both within and external to your department or program.

Chairperson’s Responsibilities – Faculty Handbook language on the responsibilities and expectations of department chairpersons.

Classroom Observation Policies by Department – coming soon

Classroom Observation Policy – Faculty handbook language on expectations for departmental classroom observation policies

Department Chairs (2020, 2021) – a regularly updated list of current department chairs, including phone numbers, email addresses, and office locations.

Essential Elements in Making a Case for Tenure and Promotion

Faculty, Department Chair, Science Chair, & Humanities/Social Science Chair Meetings (2020, 2021) – a regularly updated list of meeting dates, times, and locations.

GLCA Consortium for Teaching and Learning

Guidelines for Credit-Bearing Internships

Important Dates for Faculty Members and Chairpersons (2020, 2021) – a listing of key dates and deadlines related to registration, tenure and promotion, course scheduling, grading, etc.

Open Access Publication Information

Scenarios for Intercultural, Religious, and Racial Diversity three scenarios shared with department chairs by Associate Provost Ande Diaz for dealing with various forms of diversity in the classroom and the workplace

Structuring Self Evaluations – advice on how to write an effective self evaluation for review (tenure and promotion) purposes.

Suggestions for Making Chair Work More Satisfying and Attractive – a posting from Tomorrow’s Professor newsletter based on the experience of a department chair at IUPUI.

Teaching for Diversity and Equity

The LEAP Challenge: Education for a World of Unscripted Problems

What are High Impact Practices (HiP) and How Might We Evaluate Them? – resources compiled by Faculty Council to assist academic departments establish evaluative procedures specific to the high impact practices being undertaken in their fields.