Is there a music Minor?

Yes,  music performance.

Is an audition required to declare?

No audition is required to declare a performance minor in music. However, the successful completion of juried lessons in your principal performing medium (instrument or voice) is necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of the performance minor course of study.


Performing Ensembles:

  • Civic Symphony (Music 110)
  • Wind Symphony (Music 112)
  • Wind Ensemble (Music 113)
  • Jazz Band (Music 114)
  • Choir (Music 115)
  • Women’s Ensemble (Music 116)
  • Chamber Choir (Music 117)
  • Men’s Ensemble (Music 119)

Can I perform in an ensemble if I am not a music major?

Yes, all music departments ensembles are open to all Allegheny students by audition, regardless of their major or class standing. in fact, the overwhelming majority of the students enrolled are from other majors.

Can I perform in multiple ensembles?

Yes, there are numerous opportunities to combine various performing areas. Many students perform in multiple ensembles. Some play an instrument in one and sing in another; others play multiple instruments across their commitments. Though some combinations are not possible due to mutually exclusive rehearsal schedules, faculty cooperate to allow the greatest level of participation for interested musicians.

How can I learn more about the ensemble audition process?

Auditions are held during the first week of each semester, and interested students should contact ensemble directors for specific information about times and procedures for auditions.

  • Prof. Rob Roth – Jazz Ensemble
  • Dr. Michael Dolan – Orchestra
  • Dr.  Joel M. Graham – Symphonic Bands
  • Dr. James Niblock – Choral Ensembles


Who can take individual lessons?

Any student is eligible to take one-on-one lessons/ Individual instruction for academic credit is offered in:

  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Guitar
  • All traditional orchestral and band instruments

Instruction on instruments such as banjo, harmonica, and bagpipes is also available.

How are credit hours granted?

The number of credit hours granted depends on the level and length of lessons, and on whether a recital is associated with the course of study.

Is there a fee for lessons?

Fees apply to all lessons at the rate of $300/semester for weekly half-hour lessons or $600/semester for weekly hour lessons. Training for beginners (piano, voice, strings, guitar) is available through small group lessons at no charge.



Does Allegheny loan instruments?

Yes, the College has an extensive inventory of large instruments available for loan to ensemble members on a case-by-case basis. Storage space for these instruments is provided, and lockers for individually owned smaller instruments are also available to ensemble participants.

Practice Rooms

Who can access the Music Department practice rooms?

Anyone who is registered for a music course (including lessons and ensembles) is granted key card access to the practice facilities.