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ALIC Is Here to Help

Posted on February 3, 2021 | Filed under Archive

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The Allegheny Lab for Innovation & Creativity is available for class sessions in Module 2. We can help you and your students make videos, podcasts, graphic design work, and with the fabrication of instruments, devices, robots, furniture, installations, art works and much more. The lab, comprised of a fabrication facility (3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, etc.) and design lab (25 seats for video, sound, photo editing and 3D design work including game development), can be booked in three formats:
1. For the entire semester in predetermined class session time slots.
2. For a series of individual, predetermined class sessions.
3. For individual class sessions.
ALIC can provide technician support or instructional support as needed for any of the software, tools, or technologies we offer. The lab will be available for open-use hours throughout the semester. Hours will be posted at the start of Module 2. Please contact Byron Rich ( for more information. Lab details can be found here. We love to help students, faculty and staff bring their ideas to life! ALIC closely follows state and institutionally mandated safety and wellness protocols related to the ongoing epidemic.