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Who is your Safety Committee Representative?

Posted on February 26, 2023 | Filed under Archive

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Do you know who your safety committee rep is? Your safety rep is your advocate for resources, questions, and safety concerns – your connection to the committee! Here is a list of current members and what general areas they represent:

Safety Committee Members:
Phil Reinhart – Public Safety / Non-Science Faculty
LeeAnn Yeckley – Theater / Art / Dance / Music
Jared Luteran – Athletics
Lauren French – Science Faculty
Tracey Olenick – Physical Plant / All Staff

Alternate Members:
Lynn McManness-Harlan – Conference and Event Services
Marko Sadikovic – Student Experience
Linda Wetsell – Cabinet / Administrators
Joe Michael – Physical Plant

Mark Kohnen – Human Resources
Jim Basinger – Public Safety
Doug Tomer – Information Technology
Jack Honeysett – Art

The safety committee brings together a wealth of expertise and knowledge to support a campus-wide view of safety. They are your connection to all kinds of resources, but we can’t do it without all of you! Your continued participation in Training through Oswald, understanding of Emergency Safety Procedures, and help with inspections are key to having a rich safety culture on campus.

The Safety Committee website is a resource for information too. It provides a variety of safety tips, such as Winter driving tips or where to report a hazard!

Safety is not an additional job responsibility, it is an integral part of every task, and together we are attaining our goal of providing a safe and healthy campus environment.