Safety Tips

Safety First

noun safe·​ty | \ ˈsāf-tē  \

plural safeties

Definition of safety

-the condition of being safe, from undergoing or causing, hurt, injury, or loss

The definition from Merriam-Webster says it all.  We are striving to avoid hurt, injury or loss.  We have compiled a number of topics listed in the menu with lots of safety tips to help you be SAFE.   Please read and share the tips with your friends and co-workers, and if you see anything on campus that seems unsafe please let us know through the link below.

Report an unsafe condition


Incident – Violent event such as a fracas or assault, generally a title IX report, between people.

Accident – Unfortunate event that happens unexpectedly and unintentionaly, typically resulting in damage or injury, generally an HR report, between a person and an object.

Hazard – Potential source of danger, generally report to safety committee or public safety, depending on the nature of the hazard, urgency, and time of day.

Bicycle Safety Tips  Pedestrian Safety Tips  Running Safety Tips

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