Information for On-Campus Living

12-Month and Summer Housing:

We are happy to announce that there will be an opportunity for students to live on campus for 12 months starting this summer.  Twelve month students will be housed in College Court for 2021-2022 academic year and will be able to stay in their rooms for breaks and summer at an additional cost ($750 per month for room and board for the 2021-22 academic year).  This year is a pilot project.

Frequently Asked Questions about 12-Month Housing and Summer Housing:

How do I reserve a spot in 12-Month Housing and/or Summer Housing?

Due to a limited amount of spaces, reservations are at a first-come, first-served basis. Fill out an application here. The Housing Agreement and application are the same for both Summer Housing and 12-Month Housing. 

Is the $750 per month only for the summer months?

The $750 fee is only for the extra months that you are on campus, whether you are here for 12 months, or just the summer. You’ll pay the regular rate during the semester. The cost of $750 is prorated, so that students do not pay for time they are not living on campus.

When can I move in?

Students may move in on the following dates that correlate with testing dates.

6/1 – Move in and testing date
6/14 – Move in and testing date
6/29 – Move in and testing date
7/13 – Move in and testing date *Last date to move to campus until August 10

Will I be required to have a meal plan?

Yes. Mckinley’s Food Court will be open during limited hours. 

Will I be able to choose my roommates?

Yes, there will be a “get-to-know-you” event for 12-month students so students can choose roommates on May 7th from 3:30-4:30pm in the Brooks Hall Blue Room.

Other campus buildings will be in use over the summer. If you are staying in an apartment on campus, all beds will need to be filled. The purpose of the “get-to-know-you” event is to choose the other students you could be sharing a space with.

For summer students, there is a spot on the application to indicate who you would like to live with.

Will public safety be available during the summer?

Yes. Public Safety is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Will there be Resident Advisors (RAs) during breaks?

Students who choose the 12-month option will have access to RAs, as they would during the school year.

Is there any financial assistance for students in need?

Interested students who foresee financial hardship should apply for a Gator Success Grant.

Can I just stay for the summer?

Yes. Residence Life will fill College Court before using  Baldwin Hall as overflow for Summer Housing. Full 12-month students will be housed in College Court. Both options cost $750 per month. Students will be billed the regular rate during the semester.

Do I have to live in College Court all year?

Students who opt in to 12-month housing will stay in College Court all year with other students who opt into the 12-month housing opportunity. 

Can I have help moving into my summer housing assignment?

Students may have up to two helpers to assist them moving into their new room. All guests must be escorted by the student at all times. Everyone is required to wear a mask and socially distance.

When can I move in?

Summer and 12-Month Students will stay in their current housing assignment until May 28th, 2021. 


For more Summer Housing information, please visit the Financial Services page



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Bikes/Bike Storage

Bikes are permitted on campus. While a few halls have indoor bike storage areas, most require bikes to be parked outside at the bike racks provided.

Laundry Facilities

In each building there are laundry facilities at no cost to the student. Students living in college-owned houses will be given access to other buildings on campus for laundry services. There are no laundry facilities in college-owned houses.

Personal Property

All goods and property of a student are the responsibility of the student, and the College is not liable for any loss or damage. Students are strongly encouraged to have insurance (through a homeowner’s or renter’s policy) to protect their belongings.


Only fish are permitted as pets in our residential facilities. Any fish kept in a student room must be removed from the residential facility at the conclusion of each semester and at the start of all vacation periods lasting more than 24 hours. Information regarding housing accommodations, including ESAs, can be found here.


All mail sent to you should include your name, your campus box number and the following address: Allegheny College, 520 North Main St., Meadville, PA 16335.  So, for example:

John Smith
Box #1000 Allegheny College
520 North Main St.
Meadville, PA 16335

Mail and packages may be picked up in the post office located in the Campus Center.

Room Decorations

Allegheny students are encouraged to decorate their rooms within the guidelines established by the College’s policies. These policies allow students to make changes to their room that will make it a more comfortable and attractive place to live, while maintaining standards necessary for community living. Students are welcome to hang posters and other items on walls, doors and closets with white hanging putty, but should not use double-sided or duct tape, as these will leave a heavy residue and/or remove the paint. Also, because of the damage caused by self-adhesive decals, nails/bolts, and dartboards with metal-tipped darts, students must refrain from using them. Finally, please note that all furniture provided by the College must remain in the assigned room.

Room Furnishings

All rooms come with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and a closet. All windows come with horizontal blinds. Sizes vary so if you want to purchase additional treatments you should wait until you move in and measure the exact size. There are many retailers within minutes of campus.

Sharing a room with another person can sometimes result in situations that are stressful. If a student is having a roommate conflict, he or she can talk with the Resident Advisor, who can make suggestions and help mediate the conflict. Other resources are the Head Resident Advisor and a Professional Staff member assigned to the students area. If mediation does not help the situation, room switches are allowed, provided that space is available. Room changes should occur after the Office of Residence Life grants permission and will be allowed only during approved room change periods.


Allegheny does not offer storage for students. Please see Local Storage Options for information on local storage facilities.

Student Staff

We have Resident Advisors (RAs)/Head Resident Advisors (HRAs) who live in our residence halls. These are students who have undergone extensive training to become knowledgeable in the rules and regulations of the college and to create programs that educate and entertain. They are trained to respond to many different situations and problems. In the event that there is something that they cannot personally handle, they are trained to either refer the students to the appropriate campus resources or contact professionals who will ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

Weekend Activities

Campus organizations such as Gator Activity Programming (GAP) and Late Night provide numerous activities for students to partake in. Examples of past entertainment includes comedians, hypnotists, movies, academic and athletic competitions, card games, concerts, arts and crafts and video games. The Outing Club frequently has trips to do things such as hiking, canoeing and camping. In addition to all of that fraternities regularly hold alcohol free campus wide dance parties. If that is not enough Meadville has much to do and Erie, Pittsburgh and Cleveland are all with in driving distance.