Returning Student Housing Process

Virtual Open Hours:

Chat with Residence Life staff about any questions or concerns through Google Hangouts/Chat:


Housing Selection Dates:

April 9-10: Students will be placed in houses and Ravine pods on April 9 and 10. 

April 13-17: SR Selection

April 20-24: JR Selection 

April 27-May 1: SO Selection 


If you are currently living on-campus and will be attending Allegheny during the 2020-2021 academic year, you must complete either the Housing Agreement to live on-campus, or the Housing Exemption request to be released from the Residency Requirement. All forms due April 8 by 11:59pm.

Housing Agreement/Meal Plan Selection: All students who will be on-campus (including those already placed)

Housing Exemption Request Form: Students requesting a change in status (e.g. commuting or living off-campus)

Housing Selection Preferences: All students who have not yet been placed should complete this

House Application: Only for students who want to select a house. All must have SR or JR numbers. You need only one application per group. 

Ravine A Tower Pod Application: Pre-selection placement for groups of six who want to live in Ravine pods (three double rooms, one double room as a lounge, one bathroom).

Roommate Needed Form: Please complete this form if you are looking for a roommate. To find others who are looking for a roommate, visit the response page.

2020-2021 Allegheny Housing Selection Process

Room Rates can be found at


Students eligible for the Housing Selection Process: Students who will be on campus for the 2020 fall semester, including students studying abroad during the 2020 spring semester, who are not included on the list below.

Students Ineligible for Housing Selection Process: These students are not eligible to participate in the Housing Selection Process

  • Students who will not be on campus during the 2020 fall semester. Exception: due to recent events, those who are planning to study abroad in Fall 2020 may go through the housing process to be placed. If you are able to go abroad, you will be removed from that placement and will be contacted in November about housing options available at that time. Unfortunately, we are not able to hold an empty spot while you are away. 
  • Students who are living in fraternity houses, special interest housing, language houses, and thematic housing; these students are pre-housed.
  • Students who have accepted a position with Residence Life; these students are pre-housed.

Students exempt from the Housing Selection Process: These students need not participate in the Housing Selection Process. If a student would like to change their status, they must complete the Housing Exemption Request Form.  Allegheny College may grant exemptions to the on-campus residency requirement based upon the following guidelines:

  • The student has lived on campus at other colleges/universities and may be exempt from the Allegheny requirement for the number of semesters lived on campus elsewhere.
  • The student commutes from the primary residence of a parent or legal guardian within 50 miles of the college
  • The student is married and/or has dependents
  • The student is 23 years of age or older
  • The student is enrolled as a part-time student (11 credit hours or less).

Housing Agreement

The Housing Agreement is due by April 8, 2020 at 11:59pm.

Students who do not complete the Housing Agreement by the deadline will not be eligible to participate in the Housing Selection Process.

Students who are currently on leave and approved to return for the fall 2020 semester.

Accommodations: If you would like to request a housing accommodation, please see the Housing Accommodation Request page and/or contact the Director of Disability Services, John Mangine (, 814-332-2898).


  1. Select “Housing Agreement” from the left side, and select “2020-2021 Returning Student Housing Agreement”
  2. Sign the agreement, select “continue”.
  3. Select your meal plan then select “submit”.
  4. You will see “Application Complete – 2020-2021 Returning Student Housing Agreement” when completed.

You will be able to revisit this application to make changes through the deadline.

Housing Selection Process

Students who are eligible for the Housing Selection Process will receive a Housing Selection number via their Allegheny email. Your assigned Housing Selection day is based on this number. See above Housing Selection Dates and make note of your day.

Housing Selection Numbers: Students are sorted into cohorts based on the year that they entered Allegheny (not necessarily the same as class year or credits earned), and students are assigned a housing selection number through a random computerized process within each cohort grouping. Groups will select a housing option based on the best number in the group. If you are living with students with an earlier selection number, you are not required to attend selection. Housing Selection Forms must be fully completed at the time of selection. Residence Life will double check information to make sure all students have listed each other as roommates. Providing false information to obtain or fill a space will result in forfeiture of participation in the Housing Selection Process.

Roommate Selection: Spaces must be completely filled at the time of selection and maintain full occupancy.

Upperclass spaces (JR and SR #s only): College-Owned Houses, North Village I, North Village II, College Court, and Allegheny Commons. Students in upperclass-only spaces whose occupancy drops below 100% will have a limited time to find another resident to fill the space. If students are unable to find another student to return to full occupancy, Residence Life may move the occupants to a traditional space, space with the correct occupancy, or place a student in the open space.

Triples and Quads: These spaces must be completely filled at the time of selection and maintain full occupancy. These spaces are located in our traditional housing spaces, and some may include additional amenities (private bathrooms and kitchenettes). However, these spaces are not eligible for the lowest meal plan option.

Students without Roommates: Students without a roommate who are not interested in a single or who are not able to choose a single at the time of selection will need to select a room; students may match up at the selection night. We will work individually with these students to try and assist with matches and be in communication about options after selection nights are concluded. 

Housing Selection begins at 5 pm each day. Please note that not every student will be making a selection during the process (students may be grouped with groups who have earlier selection times). In situations where there are roommates, only one student needs to be present to make the selection.

Changes in Housing Assignments: The College reserves the right to make adjustments to housing assignments in order to accommodate all housing needs. Students will be informed if changes must be made to assignments after Housing Selection.

Wait List: Students/Groups who do not obtain their desired housing option may be placed on the wait list. The wait list is organized in order of the Housing Selection Number (best of number if a group) and then the ranked preferences that the students select. Residence Life matches the preference with the available spaces (this is an ongoing process).  Students should select a housing placement during the process, and then request their desired option through the wait list process. This enables students to feel secure in the fact that they have a housing assignment, and that they will be considered for a desired spaces should it become available.

Students who are not eligible or choose not to participate in the Housing Selection Process will be assigned to a vacant space.


Have multiple options in mind: Residence Life will be live-updating the rooms as they are selected.  Your group must have the same number as the option you are choosing (e.g. you must have 5 people to choose a 5-person option).

Apartment-style Housing: Only those with SR and JR numbers may be included in a group choosing housing in the Houses, NVI, NVII, College Court, and Allegheny Commons.

Have backup plans: Plan for scenarios where you may have to change the number in your group (e.g. the last four-person apartment was selected before your group of four could select, so you will split into two groups of two). Please note: this could also change your selection time based on the best number in your new group.

Sophomores may have limited access to single rooms. Please plan on having a roommate and come prepared with that option.  

Choose roommates carefully: Please have conversations with possible roommates about living preferences and desired housing options before the selection process begins.

Be honest about your plans: It helps to be upfront with those in your group about what happens if plans changes (e.g. no more 5-person options are available, and the group must split) before selection night. Individuals will not be able to be included in multiple groups. Please do not give a group your ID number if you are not planning to room with them.


How much will housing cost next year?

Room rates can be found at

Is there a wait list and how does it work?

Yes. Students who did not obtain their desired housing should complete the form; the list will be in room selection # order and by category (house, NV2 double, single, etc.).

What if I came to Allegheny as a transfer student?

Residence Life places students to the cohort that most matches their experience. Please contact Residence Life ( before March 1 if you believe you are not in the correct cohort.

Can I apply for special interest or theme housing AND also go through Room Selection?

If you are selected and approved for Special Interest Housing, Theme Housing, Greek Life Housing, and Language Houses or have been accepted for Accommodation housing, you will be taken out of the room selection process. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can I live in North Village II or a house as a Sophomore?

Only rising Juniors and Seniors are permitted to select North Village I and II, Allegheny Commons, College Court and College-Owned houses. Once these spaces are filled, Residence Life may consider allowing a Sophomore to live in these spaces but ONLY after all Juniors and Seniors are housed (This would not occur until after the fall semester starts). 

*The only exceptions to this policy are Special Interest Houses and Language Houses where sophomores may be selected for these areas by application and committee processes. Students with approved housing accommodations that can only be met in these spaces may also be placed there.

How can I guarantee that I get a single?

Residence Life cannot guarantee housing to students going through the Housing Selection Process. However, students should make sure to complete the waitlist form for a single room.

What if I require a housing accommodation due to a disability?

Students who want to request a disability-related housing accommodation, please see the Housing Accommodation Request page and/or contact the Director of Disability Services, John Mangine (, 814-332-2898).

Please Note: Students who desire housing beyond their approved housing need (e.g. an accommodation for a single bedroom, but want to live in an apartment space) may request this and will be offered a space that meets their needs and is likely for their cohort.

Can I change my housing after Housing Selection?

Residence Life will maintain an active wait list. If there is a vacancy in another space that you are asked to fill or if you have a space and want to fill it you may so except during the housing freeze period.

What are the Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) options and how do I apply?

Allegheny Hall is one option for Gender-Inclusive Community. GIH has 15 single rooms, a lounge on the first floor and a communal kitchen on the second floor. Ground Walker has also been added as a GIH option. Rooms in these areas are available during selection. 

Additionally, the houses and apartments are gender-inclusive.

What do I do if I have no one to list as a roommate?

Students without a roommate who are not interested in a single or who are not able to choose a single at the time of selection will be placed in housing. Students without a roommate may attend one of the virtual Res Life sessions to meet others without a roommate. 

What happens if my chosen roommate decides not to return to Allegheny or finds another housing assignment?

Residence Life reserves the right to fill any empty space that is available on campus if there is need. Students can also let Residence Life know if there is a replacement roommate(s) and we will help facilitate the change. Residence Life reserves the right to house another student in these spaces as needed. Please see the Housing Agreement for specific time frames and expectations.