Safety Reminders

Recreational Fire Request Form

  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to Public Safety immediately. We encourage the use of any campus blue light phone or call 814-332-3357.
  • Avoid traveling alone at night. Use the “buddy system” and watch out for fellow students.
  • Avoid letting persons you do not know piggyback into a house, residence hall, or other building.
  • Keep your doors locked whenever you find yourself alone in a building.
  • Don’t prop doors open, let strangers in, or weaken other security measures.
  • Close and lock your door when you will be away from your room and at night.
  • Report broken locks, doors, windows, and lights so they can be repaired.
  • Report lights that are out and any hazardous conditions immediately to Physical Plant at 814-332-5378.

For additional information, please see the Public Safety website and Emergency Guides.