ACRoSS 2013

ACRoSS 2013

During the sixth summer of the ACRoSS seminar series we had 58 students from 16 departments and programs (Art, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Communication Arts, Economics, English, Environmental Science, History, International Studies, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Physics, Political Science, and Psychology) present their summer research projects to an audience of faculty, students, administrators, and campus visitors. The average audience size was 120 for the ten weeks of ACRoSS presentations.

Link to ACRoSS poster symposium on July 19th, 2013

ACRoSS 2013 Schedule

Tues, June 11, 2013

Nicholas Gordon (Religious Studies ’15) and Professor Jackie Gehring (Political Science) Overcoming and the Representation of Disability

Alex Simon (Biology ’15), Molly Butts (Neuroscience ’14) and, Professor Lauren French (Biology and Neuroscience) Summer Fun with Ion Channels

Mark Seraly (Biochemistry ’15), Ariel Statman (Physics ’14), Shannon Peterson (Physics ’15), and Professor Adele Poynor (Physics)  A Dual Approach to Understanding Hydrophobic Interactions: Contact Angle and Surface Plasmon Resonance

Tues, June 18, 2013

Taylor Hinton (Environmental Studies ’14), Sara Schwartz (Environmental Studies ’15), and Professor Kate Darby (Environmental Science)  Photovoice and Social Surveys: Using Ethnographic Approaches to Understanding the Environment and Human Well-Being

Dani Hicks (English ’14), Desiree Niccoli (English ’14), and Professor Jennifer Hellwarth (English)  Medieval European and Arabic Medical and Magical Remedies for the Sexual Body

Dan Adams (Chemistry, 14′), Matt Riek (Chemistry, 14′), and Professor Tim Chapp (Chemistry)  Greener Pastures for Chiral Phosphines

Tues, June 25, 2013

Ziania Narvaez (International Studies and Studio Art ’15), Sharon Zavala (Environmental Studies and Spanish ’15), and Professor Mark Neff (Environmental Science)  University Policies and Ecological Research in Latin America

Sean Carney (Chemistry ’15), Dom Raggi (Chemistry ’15), Paul Livingood (Chemistry ’16), and Professor Marty Serra (Chemistry and Biochemistry)  DNA’s Cousin

Karen Kaye (Neuroscience and Psychology ‘14), Ryan Pearson (Neuroscience ‘14), and Professor Rod Clark (Psychology and Neuroscience)  The up-regulation of TNF-α and IL-2 via classical conditioning III: Role of opioid agonists and antagonists

Tues, July 2, 2013

Dakota Dehn (Psychology ‘ 14) and Professor Aimee Knupsky’s (Psychology)  Eye Tracking Investigations of Visual Attention

Allie Lundell (Chemistry ’15), Erika Bell (Biochemistry ’14), and Professor Ivy Garcia (Chemistry and Biochemistry)  Understanding the dynamics of the DEAD

Rachel Raczynski (Art History ’15), Genesis Valencia (Art History ’15), Natasia Sholder (undeclared ’16), and Professor Amelia Carr (Art) The NWPa Heritage Project

Tues, July 9, 2013

Sarah Wolfe (English ’14), Peta Henry (English ’15), and Professor Soledad Caballero (English)  Britain and South America in the age of Revolution

Rosey Sheridan (Chemistry ’15) and Professor Mark Ams (Chemistry)  Measuring Weak Interactions with Molecular Balances

Yukihide Nakada (Mathematics ’16), Doug Nestor (Mathematics ’14), and Professor Rachel Weir (Mathematics) Normal Weighted Composition Operators on the Dirichlet Space

Tues, July 16, 2013

Claire DeLucia (Biology ’14), Molly Proud (Neuroscience ’14), and Professor Christy Donmoyer (Biology and Neuroscience)  Two Blind Mice: A Closer Look at Retinal Diseases

Matt Kelley (Philosophy and Political Science ’14) and Professor Eric Boynton (Philosophy and Religious Studies) The Contemporary Relevance of Evil

Janos Cseh (Studio Art and Economics ’15), Jess Swigonski (Communication Arts ’14), and Professor River Branch (Communication Arts) Distribution and Design: Strategies and Approaches for the Independent Filmmaker

Tues, July 23, 2013

Sun-Mo Koo (Studio Art ’16), Erin Yates (Studio Art & English ’16), Kristy Garcia (Environmental Studies with Art & Environment focus ’15), Jaysa Alvarez (Studio Art & History ’15), and Professor Amara Geffen (Art)  Public Art: Research & Action

Catherine Polito (Biology ’14), Jordan Gaston (Biochemistry ’16), and Professor Kristen Webb (Biology)  Mitochondrial DNA Phylogeography of Eurosta solidaginis

Aviv Crowell Lang (Behavioral Economics ’15) and Professor Ishita Sinha Roy (Communication Arts) Corporatizing Global Health

Alexander Bennett (undecided ’16) and Professor Ishita Sinha Roy (Communication Arts) Study Abroad: A Critical Evaluation of Study Abroad and Experiential Learning Programs

Tues, July 30, 2013

Mack Flaherty (Biology ’14), Rachel Stegemann (Biochemistry ’14), Jennie Vorhauer (Biology ’14), and Professor Brad Hersh (Biology)  New adventures in fruit fly genetics

Chris Nardi (Chemistry ’15), Alli Carandang (Chemistry ’15), Bridgette McCauley (Chemistry ’15) and Professor Ryan Van Horn (Chemistry)  Crystallization Control in Biocompatible Block Copolymers

Greg Singer (Studio Art and Environmental Science ‘ 15) and Professor Darren Miller (Art) The Art of Persuasion, featuring objects from Allegheny College’s Dehne and Mandel Collections

Tues, Aug 6, 2013

Jessica Bonzo (International Studies ’14), Mara Silver (International Studies ’15), and Professor Shanna Kirschner (Political Science) Atrocities and Civil War.

Ben Dauber (Political Science ’15), Jack Denison (Political Science ’15) and Professor Zachary Callen (Political Science)  PRISM vs. WikiLeaks: Technology and State Building in the Modern Era

Aaron Goldman (Biology ’14) and Professor Ann Kleinschmidt (Biology and Biochemistry) Cancer and Oxidative Stress

Tues, Aug 13, 2013

Ian Lim-Bonner (Environmental Science ’14) and Professor Beth Choate (Environmental Science) Terrestrial Insect Diversity in the Bousson Environmental Research Reserve

Amelia Pennington (Political Science ’15) and Professor Brian Harward (Political Science) George W. Bush and Volatile Politics: Exceeding the Incremental Limit

Keith Maxwell (Economics ’14) and Professor Steven Onyeiwu (Economics)  Implications of the Skills Gap in Northwestern PA’s Tooling and Machining Industry