WordPress Guide

Web Communications is proud to announce the launch of the Allegheny College WordPress Guide. The WordPress Guide is a comprehensive resource for all WordPress Editors and covers topics from beginner to advanced. Topics covered in this guide include:

WordPress Basics

This section defines what WordPress is, and how Allegheny College uses WordPress for its family of websites. There are also some general guidelines for best practices when editing an Allegheny College WordPress page.

Pages and Posts

This section covers the basics of editing pages and posts, and defines what the differences between pages and posts are.

Text Formatting

This section gives basic guidelines and instruction for editing text in WordPress.

Images Guide

This section gives guidelines for proper use of images, and instruction on how to add media, alignment, and using the gallery or image slider.

Navigation and Menus

This section covers instruction for building and making changes to the WordPress site navigation.

Advanced WordPress

There are several guides included in the Advanced WordPress Guides covering several topics:

  • Tables
  • Breadcrumbs and hierarchies
  • Sidebar and Widgets
  • Shortcode
  • Basics of HTML

The WordPress guide is part of Web Communications continuing work to support editors and make Allegheny College’s web presence the best it can possibly be. If there are any questions, concerns, or issues regarding this guide, there is a suggestions form that can found in the guide and filled out.