/Web, Social Media, More!

Wer’e happy to announce several new and exciting additions are coming to the Web Communications Department, including the newly launched Web Communications website! This site will the go-to place to see what’s new with internet marketing at Allegheny College, including new websites, social media endeavors, web news, and web support. And visit often! The website will feature more, as more happens in Allegheny’s world of web.

Also new is our efforts to ramp up social. This means more interesting content going to all of our regular channels including Facebook and Twitter, and adding new social media channels including Instagram and Flickr. Be sure to follow Allegheny in all of our social media channels to know all of the going-ons here at Allegheny.

Going along with social media, we’re also looking to see how to get the Allegheny community more involved. Our first effort is Photo Friday and #ACGatorGram, where we’re asking for the photographers of Allegheny’s community to submit their photos to be showcased on all of our social media channels. Check out the photo submissions page for more info.