Style Guide and Editor Cards

As many of Allegheny College’s Web Editors are aware of, there is a Web Editors Guide on the Web Communications website created as a guide for running individual sites, but since it’s a fairly new addition to the site, not every Editor know that it’s out there. There are also new features added to the website that are made available to all Editors, but, again, there’s the challenge of making people aware of what is available to them.  To solve this, there are several new resources being made available to Editors:

Web Style Guide

The new Web Style Guide is a page showcasing what an Allegheny WordPress page looks like in function, and shows what the standard stylings and features are. This is a great place to see what features have been made available to Editors, like content boxes, buttons, columns, and image galleries.

Web Editor Card

The freshly printed tent cards serve as a quick reference for important web addresses relevant to Editors, so there’s never any question about where you can go for support. These are printed and available, just email and ask for a card.

Dashboard Editor Help

Editors can now easily access all forms of support from inside the WordPress dashboard through the Editor Help button in the navigation. From the Editor Help page, Editors can quickly access important resources relevant to working in WordPress:  the Editor Guide, Web Style Guide, the Web Communications website, and contact information.


Only those with an Allegheny WordPress account will be able to access this page

The ultimate goal for all of these features is to improve Allegheny’s web presence by giving content creators and Web Editors the tools they need to improve their own department’s websites. If you have any questions about any of these new features, let me and Jesse know at our new email address at