Reintroducing: Boxes

Having launched a newly redesigned College home page in April 2013 and a newly redesigned template for all of the other “official” sites that are in our content management system in the Fall of 2013, we currently in a phase of enhancing and iterating on those designs. In any major redesign project, there are always features that get put on the back burner in the name of getting the project released on time. One of those for us was boxes – which we’re proud to reintroduce now.

What is a box?


This is a box.

Boxes are an extremely versatile tool for showcasing and featuring content in different ways. The best way to explain that is to show some real world examples.


In this example, Admissions uses boxes to highlight information for home-schooled applicants: the grey box to highlight the CEEB code and the tip box to highlight an extra explanation about the unique application process for home-schooled students.


The Security office uses a download box to highlight a downloadable PDF report.

Computing Services

Computing Services uses an info box to highlight a timely update for campus wireless users with a certain type of laptop.

Using Boxes

Boxes are extremely easy to use. We’ve done all of the design and formatting for you. Simply wrap your content in a WordPress shortcode and your content will appear in the style of box you choose. We supply the icons and the colors, you supply the content.


A complete guide to the types of available boxes and how to use them is featured in our Web Editors Guide.

See what we did there?

If you have questions or would like specific training on using boxes, let us know via our WordPress Training Form. And if YOU have a cool example of how you’re using boxes, let us know!