Interfaith Fellowship (IFF)

“We can change the world if and only if we work together.”


Interfaith Fellowship (IFF) brings together students who are interested in religion and religious diversity, including both religious students and those who are not sure what they believe. IFF meets to learn from each other about their religious beliefs and to explore issues of common concern. The group also sponsors progressive dinners and mixers, where the focus is on meeting people of different faiths and cultures, and it works together on interfaith service projects.

Student-led discussions have addressed topics such as:

  • The afterlife
  • Sacred texts in different religions
  • The nature of good and evil
  • Faith and sexuality
  • Response to flooding in Pakistan

IFF has helped to launch new student groups, including Allegheny Community for Earth-based Spirituality (ACES), which seeks to promote awareness and understanding of earth-based traditions, and a secular student group that is the process of being formed.


 “Sometimes we don’t realize our own prejudices or misunderstandings, or sometimes we just want to learn more about a different school of thought, and IFF is great for promoting that level of self-understanding and inter-personal communication.”

– Dylan McCreary ’13

IFF2“Our year-long service project with Stone Church allowed us to engage in interfaith service with student organizations I had never worked with before. I was also delighted that our efforts brought us closer to part of the Meadville community.”

— Anulekha Venkatram, ‘13