Faith Week 2014

“Humans Rights Gets Spiritual”
January 27-February 1


Mon, Jan. 27
8:00 pm in Ford Chapel
Newman Catholic Campus Ministry
Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephen Frezza
Dr. Frezza, a Professor from Gannon University, will join Newman to speak about Catholicism and pro-life issues.


Tue, Jan. 28
12:15 pm in Campus Center 301/302
Interfaith Fellowship
Lunch Discussion: Religious Expression in Public Space
Opinions vary as to whether religion belongs in the public square or is a private matter. Faculty guests will be part of the discussion as we look at societies around the world and our own campus community.


Tue, Jan. 28
5:30 pm in Quigley 101
Project Nur: Program on Islamophobia
Guest Speaker: Prof. Reem Hilal
Prof. Hilal will share how Muslim hip hop artists, novelists, comedians, poets, and others have addressed Islamophobia, defined as unfounded hostility towards Muslims that leads to fear or dislike of all Muslims.


Tue, Jan. 28
8:30 pm in Ford Chapel
Allegheny Christian Outreach: Persecution of Christians
ACO will explore the danger of being Christian around the globe, as we look at stories of the human rights violatons faced by Christians persecuted because of their faith in Jesus Christ.


Wed, Jan. 29
5:00 pm in Campus Center 206
Society of Buddhist and Hindu Students and Sojourners Christian Fellowship
Dinner Discussion: East Meets West – Bodies and Religion
Issues of embodiment arise in all religions. This discussion will look at similarities and differences in how those issues are addressed by Eastern religions and those of the West.


Thu, Jan. 30
5:00 pm in Campus Center 206
Allegheny Community of Earth-Based Spirituality
Dinner Discussion: Witch Hunts
ACES, our newest religious life group, leads a discussion about the history of witch hunts and their effect on modern witches and other neo-pagans.


Thu, Jan. 30
9:00 pm in Campus Center Main Lobby
Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Discrimination and Sports
FCA moves its weekly meeting to the CC Lobby, for fellowship, games, snacks, and conversation about where human rights, religion, and athletics intersect.


Fri, Jan. 31

5:00 pm in Jewish Community Center
Hillel and Project Nur
Shabbat Service and Food for Thought Dinner: Muslim and Jewish Perceptions of Human Rights
We’ll share a meal and conversation, as each course comes with a different discussion question to share with your tablemates.


Sat, Feb. 1
6:00-8:00 pm in Prayer and Meditation Retreat (small red house beside Arter Hall)
Interfaith Open House
All are welcome to this evening of fun, with trivia questions about the various faith groups at Allegheny, Interfaith Twister, and other games; tours of the house; meditation sessions; pizza; and bake your own cookies.


For information, contact Office of Spiritual and Religious Life or 814-332-2800.