Housing Updates

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Dates for SOPHOMORE Room Selection are:
March 28: Selection for SOPHOMORE numbers 1-250 at 5pm in Schultz Dining Hall
# 1-50: 5-5:30
# 51-100: 5:30-6:00
# 101-150: 6:00-6:30
# 151-200: 6:30-7:00
# 201-250: 7:00-7:30
March 30: Selection for SOPHOMORE numbers 251-end
TIMES TO ATTEND TBA: this will depend on how many SOPHOMORES still need to be housed on Thursday.

SPACES AVAILABLE FOR ROOM SELECTION: this page will be updated daily. Some spaces may be subject to change. PLEASE NOTE: This document is only for users that have an Allegheny College email.

Selection Form: The person who will be making the selection (the student with the highest room number) at Room Selection must have a selection form printed and filled out with all Names, IDs and Room Selection Cohort and Number of roommates to go through

Proxy Forms : These are forms that a friend can bring to Room Selection to stand in place for a student if they can not attend Room Selection because of a class, if they are studying off campus, or other reasons. We only require a Proxy Form if the person who can not be there is the one selecting a room either for themselves or for others.

IMPORTANT: If you will not be on campus in the FALL semester because you have been approved to study away, you will not be permitted to go through Room Selection. We do not alllow students to “hold” a room for somone who will not be here until Spring.

More Information regarding Room Selection including:
Housing Agreements/Acceptance Form, Room Rates for 2017-2018, Housing Exemption process, FAQs can be found here: Room Selection Information