New Zealand in Photograph

I am sure that we are all familiar with the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And I have come to the conclusion of presenting our experience thus far in a medium of only photographs taken during this trip with brief descriptions. My intent is that this exhibit will offer you, the viewer, the opportunity to revel in this fantastic voyage through our actual lenses as if you were right here with us. Please enjoy.


Māori Gathering House in Rotorua
Students propose a toast to Dr. Niblock in honor of their first night in Auckland and New Zealand for the Chamber Choir’s world tour.
Louis looks out onto the Sea at Devonport, Auckland
One of the sea caves near Cathedral Cove in Whitianga.
Sunset over the bay in Whitianga.
Samantha gazes in impressed wonderment from the SkyTower in Auckland.
The ladies in front of Hotties at Hot Water Beach in Whitianga.
Dr. “Chief” Jeff Webb accepts the palm peace offering from the Māori at a Hangi meal event in Rotorua.
Boats on the beach off the bay of Shakespeare Point, Whitianga.
Dr. Niblock leads rehearsal at the first venue in Auckland.
Sunset in Whitianga from Gyrocopter.
Sun up at midday in the bay of Cathderal Cove in Whitianga.
Chamber Choir students enjoy a day out on the water in Whitianga.
Louis on the pier in Whitianga’s bay post-boat trip.
Ashley, Letti, Megan, and Ben enjoy a pint and mussels in Auckland.
Beach from the top of Shakespeare Point, Whitianga.
Dr. Niblock stands next to an endangered Kauri tree on the north island of New Zealand.
Emma poses in front of the Methodist curch in Auckland where the Chamber Choir had its first workshop with Dr. Grylls of the University of Auckland – 6th cousin of television survivalist star Theodore “Bear” Grylls.
(Left to right) Emma, Johanna, Morgan, Letti, Samantha, and Stella pose with a dredging wheel in Davenport, Auckland.
Audrey, Stella, and Letti pose on the beach in Whitianga.
John revels in the spraying water of the Pacific Ocean.
Lauren surveys the beauty of Whitianga’s paradise.
Morgan admires the beach where the Chronicles of Narnia was filmed near Cathedral Cove.
The tide coming in over the rocks in Whitianga as the sun sets – also known as Heaven on Earth, where I will be moving to whilst living on a boat.
(Left to right) Stella, Audrey, Dr. Niblock, Megan, Ben, and Brennan all smile for the camera on the ferry in Whitianga.
(Left to right) Ben, Spencer, Kyle, and Louis dig a natural hot tub in the sands of Hot Water Beach: where water is naturally heated by an active fault line in the area.
Chamber Choir students and professors enjoy the warmth of a natural hot tub soak at Hot Water Beach in Whitianga.
Louis experiences the Universe in a new capacity, basking in the setting sun over the sea in Whitianga, while the waves engulf his legs in their tidal embrace.
Dr. Niblock finds his peace with the Universe on a boat tour of Whitianga’s stunning and expansive coastlines.