Allegheny Community for Earth-Based Spirituality (ACES)

ACES1Allegheny Community for Earth-Based Spirituality (ACES) brings together those holding alternative spiritual beliefs that include, but are not limited to, a strong spiritual connection to the Earth and to nature.  The group holds celebrations for holidays that are important to any of its members, often in The Grove, an outdoor gathering spot in the ravine behind the Wise Center.

ACES2ACES also seeks to raise awareness of earth-based spiritual traditions and to reduce and eliminate any negative stereotypes that exist about these beliefs.  Their events have included a discussion during Faith Week about the history of witch hunts and their effect on modern witches and other neo-pagans.  ACES meetings are open to anyone, regardless of beliefs, including those who wish to learn more.

“ACES works to dismantle outdated, uninformed stereotypes about earth-based spiritualities by creating a space for not only open and honest dialogue, but also where curious people from all walks of life can experience them.  We provide as many different perspectives as possible, but they may not necessarily be as different as one might assume.”

—Alicia Foster ’16