Special Interest Housing

Special Interest Housing has a long history at Allegheny College. The Special Interest Community provides a unique living opportunity in one of the many off campus houses that the college owns. The goal of the program is to offer students a chance to enhance their curricular and co-curricular interests while living with other like-minded students. The areas of interest have ranged from religious affiliation, ethnic and cultural expression and support for animals and music genres. Houses are asked to offer service and educational programming for the Allegheny College and greater Meadville communities.

Groups must have an active advisor who is an employee of the college. The advisor serves as a liaison for campus resources, participates in mid-semester reviews and assists the group in application processes and provides support throughout the academic year.

Houses will be posted soon for  2017-2018:


The Special Interest Housing program is highly competitive and groups will be evaluated on quality of application and vision for sharing their interests with the community at large. We suggest that you put a fair amount of energy and time into thinking about, planning, and writing your proposal. Ask your advisor to look over your proposal and provide feedback. The residence life staff is willing to help you as you prepare your proposal as well. Applications for 2017-2018 are now closed.

Applications are reviewed using the following criteria:
1. Creativity of proposal
2. Quality of:
a. Proposal (well written and articulated)
b. Specific methods or action plan to involve the greater Allegheny Community
and individual members
c. Degree of support offered by advisor

* Please note that all members of the community must be in good academic and behavioral standing with the college. Students can not currently be on Probation.*

* If students leave the college you are required to fill this space or Residence Life may do so for you.

* If students living in a Special Interest House leave the college organizations are required to fill the empty space or Residence Life may need to fill it as needed.

*Students who are selected for the privilege of living in a Special Interest House are asked to commit to the expectations of Special Interest living and will be taken out of the room selection process.


The selection committee examines proposals submitted by interested students and makes selection and placement decisions based on the information provided in the proposals (and by the prospective advisors).

The actual placement of a Special Interest Housing is determined by the greatest opportunity for the community to meet their goals and mission and availability. Please understand that these needs are often competing. For example, your proposal may be ideal for a hall setting in a Residence Hall and connected lounge but not meet the criteria for a house.

For more information contact Associate Director of Residence Life, Gretchen Kerr at gkerr@allegheny.edu or campus ext-3865.