Funds & Prizes

The English Department offers several prizes to exceptional junior and senior English majors at the annual Honors Convocation.

The Mary A. Flower Prize

The income from the fund is used to provide an annual prize to the most outstanding senior student majoring in English. The recipient is selected by the English Department.

2015 Lindsey A. Fischer
2014 Ava M. Carvour
2013 Michael H. Oliphant
2012 Julie M. Ropelewski
2011 Kirsten N. Dean
2010 David A. Valentine & Richard M. Shafranek
2009 Stephen D. Daly
2008 Brandon C. Lichtinger
2007 Gregory V. Gaudio
2006 Ryan M. Zurowski

The Sara Homer Junior English Major Prize

The income from this fund is used to provide an annual prize to the most promising junior major in the English Department.

2015 Heather H. Bosau & Erin E. Yates
2014 Lindsday A. Fischer
2013 Desiree M. Niccoli
2012 Jessa R. Rianelli
2011 Julie M. Ropelewski
2010 Kirsten N. Dean
2009 Richard M. Shafranek
2008 Amanda L. Balthaser
2007 Brandon C. Lichtinger
2006 Meghan R. Cole

The George A. Mulfinger Prize

The income from this fund, establish by Dr. Carl L. Mulfinger, Class of 1915, is used to provide an annual prize to the student writing the best senior project in English.

2015 William L. Chappel
2014 Emily E. Owen
2013 Roma P. Panganiban
2012 Margot C. Miller
2011 Kaitlin J. Mackenzie
2010 Trista S. Szocs
2009 James M. Ellenberger
2008 Kimberly A. Luperi
2007 Meghan R. Cole
2006 Meredith A. Hutcheson

The Ione Sandberg Shriber Young Writer’s Fund

The income from this fund, established by friends and family of Ione Shriber, provides a $150 prize to be awarded to the graduating senior who has excelled in the field of writing and shows promise, as judged by the English Department.

2015 Rachel E. Giesel
2014 Diehl Edwards
2013 Michael H. Oliphant
2012 Margot C. Miller
2011 Brittany L. Baker
2010 Eric C. Willey
2009 James M. Ellenberger
2008 Shane J. Murphy
2007 J. C. Shea
2006 Jason J. Bittel

The Paul G. Zolbrod Junior Major Prize

The income from this fund, established by friends, colleagues, and former students of Professor Paul G. Zolbrod in honor of his 30 years of teaching at Allegheny, is issued to recognize the outstanding Junior English major, chosen by the English Department, for exceptional academic achievement, performance in the seminar, and contributions to the general life of the English Department.

2015 Annie E. McGowan
2014 Michael C. Iverson
2013 Ava M. Carvour
2012 Elaina Mercatoris
2011 Benjamin J. Bussewitz
2010 Stephen M. Reaugh
2009 David A. Valentine
2008 Steven D. Daly
2007 Michele L. Harris
2006 Jessica E. Papia