ASC Grant Applications

Funding Guidelines

As described in Section 7.8 of the Faculty Handbook, the “Academic Support Committee is charged with granting funds for faculty development in areas related to research and teaching. Funding is available for sabbatical projects and those that occur during summers and throughout the academic year. Funds are available to all full-time continuing faculty: those in the process of establishing a career as well as those sustaining their professional development. The Committee is most likely to fund well defined projects that can be carried out, or significantly advanced, in the time available to the applicant. The term ‘project’ is used to encompass traditional research, the visual and performing arts, and teaching. Funds from ASC are distributed on the basis of the fiscal year (July 1-June 30).” 

Funding Cycles

There are two funding cycles each year, with deadlines of November 1 and February 15. Faculty can also apply for up to $500 in Supplemental Research Funding outside of these funding cycles using the application process described below.

When faced with comparable proposals, the priority for funding is as follows:

  1. Faculty on sabbatical or pre-tenure leave
  2. Tenure-track, untenured faculty
  3. Tenured faculty not on sabbatical leave
  4. Non-tenure-track faculty
  5. Funding that exceeds the standard Faculty Travel allowance.

If additional funds are required, faculty should contact the Provost to inquire about supplemental funding. 

Funding Limits

Funding is typically limited as follows:

  • $3,500 per faculty member in a given fiscal year for all ASC funding requests
  • $7,500 per faculty member in any 5-year period.

Applying for an ASC Grant or Supplemental Research Funding

1. Complete all sections of the funding application document

  • When you click on the link above, a preview of the application template will open. To make a copy of the template, click on Use Template and a copy will be saved in your Google Drive.
  • Rename the document by adding your last name to the end of the document name.
  • You will need to submit a pdf version of your application. To create a pdf file from the Google doc application, click File, select Download, and then choose PDF document (.pdf). The pdf file will then download to your computer and can be saved.

2. Submit your application to the Academic Support Committee using this form.

This form will ask you to upload your funding application document (see above) as a PDF file.

Submitting Your Funding Report

Submit your funding report using this form.

  • This form asks you to briefly summarize how you used the award and the impact and outcomes of the award.
  • Funding reports are due by June 30 of the fiscal year in which funding was received. (The fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.)