Tech Tip Tuesdays

Tech Tip Tuesday: Pin Apps to the Taskbar or Dock

If there are apps you use often, you can make sure they’re easily available with a single click.

Microsoft offers step-by-step instructions for pinning apps in Windows 10, and Apple has made it equally easy to add apps to the Dock in macOS. Even Chromebooks give you an easy way to add apps to the ChromeOS shelf.

You can use this for major apps, like a web browser, Google Meet, or word processing software, or even for convenient, quick apps like a notepad app or a calculator. This can save you time digging through menus and folders to get to the apps you use most.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Returning after Break

Before the break, you may have taken steps to establish your “out of the office” status. Here are some pointers for double-checking that you haven’t overlooked anything on your return.

Tip Tuesday – Vacation Preparation

When you will be away from the office for an extended period of time, there are several steps you can take to help ease the process.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Screenshots in macOS and ChromeOS

Last week’s Tech Tip provided info on taking and editing screenshots in Windows using Snip & Sketch. But what about people using Macs and Chromebooks?

Apple Support offers clear instructions on how to take screenshots in macOS. Macworld also gives you a rundown on how to edit your screenshots on a Mac.

Chromebook users can check out Google’s own guide to screenshots in ChromeOS. Once you’ve taken your screenshot, ChromeOS offers a basic photo editor to make simple edits.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Searching in Gmail

Have you ever been certain you received an email (or sent one), but you aren’t sure how to find it so you can view it again?

Fortunately, your Allegheny account with Gmail offers you a rich variety of ways to search for those, using the search bar at the top of your Gmail inbox page. Here are just a few:

There are many more ways to conduct a search in Gmail. Visit the Gmail Help Center to learn more about searching in Gmail.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Keep Your Device’s Operating System Up to Date

If you use a smartphone or tablet, it’s important to keep the operating system (OS) up to date. Doing so can help avoid security risks, improve performance, and keep everything running smoothly.

blurred photo of a person holding a tablet

Taking the steps outlined on this page from the Federal Communications Commission both for before and after the update will help make the transition to the updated OS as seamless as possible.

Remember that each type of device uses a specific OS, and the update process for each OS is a little different.

The OS used by Apple mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones is known as iOS. Here’s how to update iOS on your mobile device.

Android devices are a little more complex, because different manufacturers may customize the OS in different ways, and the update methods vary a little with each successive version of the OS. Google provides instructions that will work on most devices for updating your Android OS.

Learn more about adopting safer habits with your devices at Allegheny.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Create Meeting Notes in a Calendar Event

Now you can create a document for your meeting notes right when you schedule an event in Google Calendar, in addition to adding other attachments.

Here’s how:

  1. From within Google Calendar in a web browser, choose Create.
    Screenshot of the "Create" button in the Google Calendar web interface
  2. Set the options for the meeting, such as the date, time, title, and guests.
  3. Choose Add description or attachments.
    Screenshot of the event creation dialog in the Google Calendar web interface
  4. If you have other documents in your Google Drive to attach to the meeting, use the dialog box to choose those.
    If not, choose Cancel.
  5. After you close that dialog box, you will find an option to Create Meeting Notes.
    Screenshot of the "Create Meeting Notes" option in a meeting creation dialog box in Google Calendar
  6. Creating a notes document from Calendar will automatically populate the document with the event information and attach the document to the event.
    Screenshot showing a meeting notes document listing in the event details in a Google Calendar event
  7. Choose Save. This will automatically create the document in the Google Drive of the person scheduling the meeting.
  8. The first time you open the meeting notes from within the Google Calendar event, it will be automatically populated with the meeting details and some common tools.
    Screenshot of the Meeting Notes document showing the basic tools and meeting details prepopulated
  • Be aware that the meeting notes will be shared with all guests, including those outside Allegheny College (if any).
  • This feature is currently only available when creating events in a web browser; it is not yet available in the Google Calendar app on mobile devices.
  • Meeting notes can also be added in a similar fashion after the event is created.
  • Anyone with permission to edit the event details can add meeting notes.

Learn more about adding attachments to Google Calendar events.

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