2017-2018 Room Selection Information

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Housing Selection Dates are:

Rising Seniors: March 7 and 8 beginning at 5pm in Schultz Dining Hall
Rising Juniors: March 14 and 16 at 5pm in Schultz Dining Hall
Rising Sophomores: March 28 and 30 at 5pm in Schultz Dining Hall

Room Rates for 2017-2018 can be found here.

Housing Selection Numbers: will be released later in the month of February.

2017-2018 Allegheny Housing Selection Process

The housing selection process is for any returning traditional student attending Allegheny College for the Fall 2017 Semester.

Exemptions from the 4 year residency requirement are only given to the following:

  • Approved Commuters whose primary (home) address is within 50 miles of the college
  • Non-Traditional students: married with or without dependents or over 23 years of age
  • Students who have met the 4 year residency requirement (4 years or 8 full semesters at Allegheny or a combination from another institution)
  • Students with part-time status (11 credit hours or less)

If a student meets any of these exemptions they must first fill out a Housing Exemption Form which can be returned to the Dean of Students Office. AlleghenyCollegeHousingExemptionPolicy.docx

There are three primary steps to participate in the general Room Selection:



PLEASE NOTE: Students who do not submit a Housing Agreement by February 28, 2017 will not be able to participate in Room Selection. Students who fail to submit a Housing Agreement will be housed at the end of the Room Selection process.

By submitting the acceptance form (link above), you are agreeing to the terms and conditions found for the 2017-2018 academic year. This allows Residence Life to know that you plan on returning to Allegheny in the Fall and that you will be participating in Room Selection. 

IMPORTANT: All students are required to fulfill the 4 YEAR RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to study off campus in the Fall or Spring next year but have not yet been approved or accepted please go ahead and submit a Housing Agreement. Once we are notified by The Gateway about who has been approved/accepted we will release you from the Agreement.

*Special Housing Application Deadlines

Applications for Special Interest Houses are now being reviewed and applicants will be notified by mid February. 
(This does NOT include the Max Kade International Wing, these applications are now available and due February 6, 2017).

Theme Housing:
Gender-Inclusive Community in Allegheny Hall Applications are no longer available. Applications are due February 13, 2017. More information about this and other Gender-Inclusive options can be found here.

Accomodations: If you have already been approved by the Disabilities Coordinator for housing accommodations you will be contacted before the end of Fall 2016 about your options for 2017-2018. If you have not been approved you will need to contact John Mangine in the Learning Commons at 814-332-2898 or jmangine@allegheny.edu. More information and deadlines can also be found HERE.


Room Selection Forms will be available later in the month of February.

Proxy Forms can be found here: These are forms that a friend can bring to Room Selection to stand in place for a student if they can not attend Room Selection because of a class, if they are studying off campus, or other reasons. We only require a Proxy Form if the person who can not be there is the one selecting a room either for themselves or for others.


How much will housing cost next year?
Room rates for the 2017-2018 academic year will be posted by mid-November.

Is there a waitlist and how does it work?
Yes. The waitlist is generated at room selection and will be managed by Residence Life staff in room selection # order and by category (house, NV2 double, single, etc.).

What if I came to Allegheny as a Transfer student?
Residence Life reviews Transfer student’s cohort status on an individual basis. If you have lived on campus at another institution please let Residence Life know and we will review your file.

What if I am not able to attend my date and time for Room Selection?
If you have a class or are off campus you may request to have someone “stand in” for you as a PROXY. Proxy forms will be available early in Spring Semester. Residence Life needs something in writing from the student requesting a PROXY via email.

Can I apply for special interest or theme housing AND also go through Room Selection?
If you are selected, approved and committed to Special Interest Housing, Theme Housing, and Language Houses or have been accepted for Accommodation housing, you will be taken out of the room selection process. NO EXCEPTIONS.

When will students receive their Room Selection number?
Early Spring Semester

Can I live in NV2 or a house as a Sophomore?
No. Rising Juniors and Seniors only are permitted to select NV1 and 2, Allegheny Commons, College Court and College owned houses. Once they are filled Residence Life may consider allowing a Sophomore to live in these spaces but ONLY after all Juniors and Seniors are housed.  

*The only EXCEPTIONS to this policy are Special Interest and Language Houses where Sophomores may be selected for these areas by committee or Faculty. Also, if no other housing meets an ACCOMMODATION need there may be need to house a Sophomore in one of these spaces.

How can I guarantee that I get a single?
Residence Life cannot guarantee housing to students going through the general Room Selection process.

What if I have a special need in regard to my living situation and my housing?
If a student has a specific disability or need related to housing they must first meet with John Mangine, Disabilities Coordinator in the Learning Commons. If a student is approved for special housing based on documented need John will work with Residence Life staff to secure housing. Deadlines for accommodation request are in February.

PLEASE NOTE: Juniors or Seniors who desire housing beyond their basic documented housing need will need to go through Room Selection. Otherwise, they will be granted housing that meets their need but may not meet their exact preference.

Can I change my housing after Room Selection?
Residence Life has an active wait list that is referred to when spaces on campus open. If there is a vacancy in another space that you are asked to fill or if you have a space and want to fill it you may so except during the housing freeze period from Mid-August to early September.

Can I live with a group of friends on a floor in a Residence Hall?
Yes, unless it is theme floor that requires an application for pre-housing. Students can work during room selection to try and fill a floor or pod and at times Residence Life staff can help with the process but there is no guarantee.

Does Allegheny have Honors Housing?

What are the Gender Inclusive Housing options and how do I apply?
Allegheny Hall is an application only Gender Inclusive community. It has 16 single rooms, a small lounge on the first floor and a communal kitchen on the second floor.

Currently, Caflisch Hall has a Gender Inclusive floor and all of our upper class housing is Gender Inclusive.

What do I do if I have no one to list as a roommate?
Residence Life staff will pair you with another student who does not have a roommate. This is usually a current Allegheny student or an incoming transfer or exchange student who is in need of housing. We ask that all students in this position fill out a lifestyle preference form.

What happens if my chosen roommate decides not to return to Allegheny or finds another housing assignment?
Residence Life does reserve the right to fill any empty space that is available on campus if there is need. Students can also let Residence Life know if there is a replacement roommate(s) and we will help facilitate the change. For students living in apartments or houses the same criteria is true. Residence Life can house another student in these spaces as needed.