Caflisch Hall

Caflisch Hall – Double: Individual Room 1

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This co-ed upperclass residence hall contains single, double suite, and triple spaces. All bedrooms feature tile floors, New England woodcraft furniture, and built-in closets and/or wardrobes; double suites feature two single bedrooms and a common room.  Windows are approximately 5’x2.75’ in size.

All rooms have internet jacks and multiple outlets.

Caflisch Hall
469 N. Main Street
Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students
Sections separated by gender
Singles, Double Suites and Triples (limited)
Twin extra long bed with mattress, desk, and desk carrel
Rooms have a combination of built in closets and or movable wardrobes depending on the type of room.
Two stackable dressers per person
Bunkable and loftable
Thermostat in individual rooms
Kitchenette, bathroom for every hall, laundry room, large lounge on ground floor

Caflisch Floor Plans

Double Rooms

Triple Rooms