Ravine-Narvik Hall

Ravine Hall

This scenically located, tight-knit residence hall features carpeted double rooms of, on average, 14’x16’ in dimension.   Each double contains classic barn door furniture (dresser, desk, chair, and bed), two built-in closets, and approximately 4’x4’ windows.

All rooms have internet jacks and multiple outlets. All buildings are non-smoking and do not allow pets other than fish.

Ravine-Narvik Hall
547 E. College St.
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Gender by Pods (4 double rooms and a shared bathroom)
Twin extra long bed with mattress, desk, and desk carrel
Built in closet
2 dressers
Mini-blinds (bring own curtains)
Thermostat in individual rooms
Kitchenette in building, bathroom for every pod, basement laundry room, two large lounges with fireplace.

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