All Allegheny alumni are invited to become members of VISA (Volunteers in Support of Allegheny), an organization vital to Allegheny’s continued tradition of excellence! VISA is a collaborative alumni volunteer program designed to harness enthusiasm about Allegheny in order to meet student and college goals.

Personal connections make a tremendous difference to current and prospective students. Allegheny’s alumni are the College’s greatest asset in these endeavors. Alumni are the tangible outcomes of an Allegheny education. Your successes underscore the success of our programs, and your collective voices have tremendous potential to help the College and our students succeed.

With your help, we will continue the tradition of reaching out to current and prospective students, enriching the quantity and quality of Allegheny’s network.

How to get involved

Alumni can become part of VISA by logging into their account in Gator Connect. Within Gator Connect you can manage your volunteer interests on your Profile page under the Engagement Tab. You will also see a list of your current and past volunteer role. Keeping your interests updated allows us to match you with the type of volunteer experiences you find most meaningful.

The Volunteer Opportunities page in Gator Connect displays current volunteer opportunities that can be viewed in both List and Calendar formats. With the click of a button you can sign up to volunteer to help with admissions efforts, assist current students looking for career connections, return to campus to speak with students, and more.

Visit the Volunteer Opportunities Page

Join one of the Chatter Groups in Gator Connect for volunteers like Volunteers in Support of Allegheny or VISA College Fair Volunteers. Chatter is Gator Connect’s own social network that allows Gators to connect, collaborate, chat, and share expertise.

Refer a prospective student to Allegheny
We need you to ignite the excitement by referring outstanding high school students to Allegheny College today. You can submit one name or dozens. Each referral is a testament to your own Allegheny experience.

Refer a prospective student