Environmental Writing Minor

The Department of English also offers a minor in Environmental Writing that requires the successful completion of 28 semester credit hours.

Two Corequisite Courses:

Students minoring in Environmental Writing must also take at least two courses outside the English department that deepen their understanding of the natural environment or of environmental issues. These courses can be among those courses taken for a student's graduation major or for another minor (that is, they can be "double counted"). One course must come from the Environmental Science department, and we strongly recommend ENVSC 110 Introduction to Environmental Science. Other courses to choose from include the following:

Biology – any course
ECON 231 - Environmental Economics and Policy Environmental Science – any course Geology – any course


Other courses with appropriate environmental focus may be used as corequisites, subject to the approval of the Chair of the English Department, in consultation with members of the other relevant department and the Environmental Writing Coordinator.

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