Preparing for a New Semester

Common Tasks

Find important dates, including a link to the final exam schedule, on the Academic Calendars.
Make sure your syllabus is complete using the Syllabus Checklist.
Check Canvas Tips for help with Canvas.

For information about how to integrate Google Drive and Canvas, take a look at these slides and the Canvas Storage Tips page.

Find your roster on Self Service and then create an email contact list for each course using these instructions.

Resource Guides

Getting to Know Your Students

One way to begin to build a welcoming classroom environment is to create opportunities for everyone to get to know each other in the first days of the semester, or even before the semester begins. Here are some ideas:

  • Create an Introductions slide deck and have each student add a slide. Click here to get a copy of a simple template.
  • Use name tents at the start of the semester so everyone can start to learn names.
  • Have students write a low-stakes (or no stakes) introductory essay at the start of the semester. For example, this Math Autobiography assignment can be adapted to other disciplines.
  • Administer an anonymous Who’s in Class? survey.
  • Create opportunities for students to work together during the first days of class. You could use activities connected to the course content or more general icebreakers. See this page for some examples.