Advising Expectations for the First Two Years

First and Second Year Students are expected to

  • recognize that they are responsible for all decisions that they make at Allegheny, that not all things are possible, and that choices carry with them consequences
  • know graduation requirements as they apply to their particular educational plan
  • meet with their advisor at least twice each semester
  • prepare for their meetings as directed by their advisor
  • recognize that their advisor is an important resource, and carefully consider advice received
  • monitor their progress in individual courses and towards graduation, and seek help from their advisor when they encounter difficulties
  • seek help from the Learning Commons and other student services when it is warranted

Faculty Advisors to first and second year students are expected to

  • encourage students to be responsible for their own education
  • understand Allegheny’s graduation requirements and curricular and co-curricular offerings well enough to be able to assist students with academic planning
  • actively encourage students to meet with them at least twice each semester
  • encourage thoughtful planning, self-assessment, reflection, and connection to the community
  • monitor the academic progress of advisees, maintain student folders with current information, contact students who appear to be in academic trouble, and maintain the confidentiality of information about the advisees
  • alert personnel in the Learning Commons about students who appear to be in academic or personal difficulty
  • know when and how to refer students for assistance with academic or personal issues, and assist students with seeking and learning how to seek help

For more information about Advising at Allegheny College, please contact Terry Bensel, x3391 or