Winter Driving Quiz

  1. If your car is covered with snow the minimum you should do before driving is:

    a. Brush off the windows, clear a good peep hole on the driver’s side, and let the defrosters do the rest as you drive.
    b. Clear all snow off windows, roof, hood, front and rear lights, and scrape the ice off all windows.
    c. Brush off the windows and thoroughly clear a space 12 inches square to enable you to see out of the front and back windows.
  2. Below -4 degrees Fahrenheit the following condition does not occur:

    a. Snow tires lose their ability to bite into snow.
    b. Tire chains cease to be effective for traction.
    c. Sand ceases to increase traction.
  3. When you get stuck on ice or hard packed snow, do not:

    a. Spread sand under the tires.
    b. Gently rock the car back and forth by shifting from forward gear to reverse using the brakes to hold the vehicle between shifts.
    c. Apply pressure on the gas, keeping your wheels straight and move out of the situation as quickly as possible.
  4. If you don’t have an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and must stop quickly in icy or snowy conditions:

    a. Apply strong, steady pressure to the brake pedal and don’t let up.
    b. Pump your brakes.
    c. Slam your foot on the brake pedal at once.
  5. If you go into a skid on ice:

    a. Apply the brakes to slow yourself down .
    b. Take your foot off the accelerator and press the clutch in or shift to neutral.
    c. Over steer to compensate for the direction of the skid.
    d. All of the above.
Winter Driving Quiz Answers