Safety Training

Safety Training through Oswald Risk Management

We at Allegheny College are committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees and visitors.  As such,  Each and every person at the institution understands that safety is not an additional job responsibility, it is an integral part of every task.  Part of this all inclusive campus wide safety culture includes periodic training for each employee, targeted by each departments risk analysis.  

Our Training Platform

There are various training resources available through the Oswald Risk Management platform.  Use the link to explore all the resources they have to offer!

Photo by Mike Walker during Reunion Weekend 2018

We use Oswald Ontrack for our safety training.

  • This online training tool offers a wide variety of prebuilt online, interactive, slide deck trainings in 100’s of safety topics.  Some even have built in quizzes!
  • There are also prebuilt videos, posters, and access to webinars.  If you might need any of these resources let us know!
  • In addition we can build and assign custom slide deck trainings or load links to other prebuilt trainings on non safety subjects .
  • It even has the option to record in person training classes for things like CPR, Aerial Lift training, and Mobility van training.

This allows us to capture all training records for all types of training across campus in one convenient platform.

If you have training requirements in your area and would like to explore the option of using this platform to assign and record completion, please reach out to your safety committee rep!

Your Personal Training Requirements.

  • Initially you will receive an email notification about training soon after being hired as part of your onboarding process.
  • Annually you will receive additional training on specific topics based on the department you work in, and mandated compliance requirements we must follow.
  • Your initial email will have your login credentials, please keep these safe.

If you need assistance with training at any point, please contact Tracey at for help.  You can use the button below to access the training platform to login.

Employee Portal Log In

Don’t Forget, if you have training for your department or division that needs to be assigned, we can use the platform for that too!  Just reach out to Tracey for help to get it done.