1. If you can safely do so:

  • Secure vital equipment, records, and hazardous materials (chemical, biological and/or radioactive) – move to higher, safer ground.
  • Shut off all electrical equipment. Secure all laboratory experiments.
  • Wait for instructions from Safety and Security for immediate action.

2. Do not return to your building until you have been instructed to do so by someone from on-site incident command, or Safety and Security.

3. If assisting in cleanup, report to Safety and Security any oil, chemical, or radioactive materials suspected of mixing with the flood waters.

4. Do not dump flood water down the storm drain unless approved by the safety officer.

Minor or area flooding of campus could be a result of major multiple rainstorms, a water main break, or loss of power to sump pumps. In case of imminent, weather-related flooding, Safety and Security will monitor the National Weather Service and other emergency advisories to determine necessary action.