Chemical Contact First Aid

Before using hazardous chemicals you should obtain and read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to learn the specific hazards, precautions, and recommended emergency actions for the material. The following generic procedures should be followed in the absence of specific information. In all cases, exposures should be reported to Public Safety at x3357, regardless of severity.


  1. Immediately flush with a large volume of water for no less than 15 minutes.
  2. While rinsing, quickly remove all contaminated clothing or jewelry. Use caution when removing pullover shirts or sweaters to prevent contamination of the eyes. Seconds count. Do not waste time because of modesty.
  3. Review the Safety Data Sheet to determine signs and symptoms of overexposure. If signs or symptoms are present, immediately seek medical evaluation.


  1. Immediately flush eyes with water for a least fifteen minutes. The eyes must be forcibly held open to wash, and the eyeballs must be rotated to all surface area is rinsed. The use of an eyewash fountain is desirable so hands are free to hold the eyes open. If an eyewash is not available, pour water on the eye, rinsing from the nose outward to avoid contamination of the unaffected eye.
  2. Remove contact lenses while rinsing. Do not lose time removing contact lenses before rinsing. Do not attempt to rinse and reinsert contact lenses.
  3. Seek medical attention regardless of the severity or apparent lack of severity. Contact Public Safety at x3357. Explain carefully what chemicals were involved.