Psychological Emergency

What is a Psychological Emergency?  Any situation that requires an immediate security or medical response to preserve life.

You are witnessing a psychological emergency when someone:

  • Is a threat to him or herself-considering, threatening, or attempting suicide or other self-harm.
  • Is a threat to your safety or the safety of another.
  • Appears to be out of touch with reality, which may include responding to visual or auditory hallucinations.
  • Has been a victim of sexual assault.

Student in Distress Report a Title IX Incident/Bias

Sexual Assault Info Sexual Harrassment Info

Many situations may not be immediately life threatening, but do warrant some kind of prompt attention or advise.

During regular business hours call The Counseling Center at 814-332-4368 and identify the situation as an emergency.

After hours and on weekends call Public Safety at 814-332-3357, or 911