Request for Safety Review

Overview of the Process

If you are a student planning a project or comp, or have a club with an activity that needs safety committee approval, please complete the Request for Safety Review Form to begin the process.

  • The form is a series questions designed to help you form your safety plan for review by the committee.
  • The committee may request additional information until your plan is fully formed.
  • You may be required to present your plan at a committee meeting .
  • The committee will then vote to approve your project or activity as presented, approve with additional parameters, or reject the project as presented.  If it is rejected you will be provided information for the rejection so the items could possibly be addressed and the project or activity could be resubmitted.

The safety committee is here to help you achieve success.  We will help advise you through the safety aspects of your project or activity so it can be carried out in the safest manner possible while managing the liability for the college.  Let’s get started!  

Request for Safety Review Form