Curriculum Committee

Committee Description

Many matters pertaining to the academic operation of the College, including the calendar, curriculum, and introduction of new courses and programs are reviewed by the Curriculum Committee, jointly chaired by a faculty member and the Dean of the College. Major proposals, including new courses and curricular changes, designed to be acted upon within a given academic year, will be presented to the committee by the end of October of that year. The principal function of this Committee is to consider and formulate the College’s educational priorities and educational goals, and to recommend ways and means by which these priorities and goals should be reflected in the academic program.

Current Members

  • Ian Binnington (ex officio)
  • Ian Carbone (1)
  • Ron Cole (ex officio)
  • Christopher Bakken (ex officio)
  • Shirley Cronin (ex officio)
  • Beth Guldan (1.5)
  • Jennifer Hellwarth (Chair)
  • Helen McCullough (Library)
  • Patrick Jackson (Gateway)
  • Angela Keysor
  • Erin O’Day (Learning Commons)
  • Sharon Wesoky


  • Anna Campbell Sowden
  • Ryan Guide
  • Jared McHale
  • Alex Yarkosky

updated 11/08/18