Diversity and Gender Equity Committee (Inactive)

2007/2008 – 2010/2011

Minutes and Documents

Committee Description

The principal functions of the Diversity and Gender Equity (DGE) Committee are to monitor progress on improving faculty diversity (on the basis of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation) at Allegheny, to advance and increase awareness of gender equity and other forms of diversity at Allegheny, to facilitate communication and discussion among members of the campus community on issues of diversity, to serve as a consultant for the Dean of the College on diversity and gender equity issues, to make policy recommendations to Faculty Council and to deliver its findings and recommendations every other year as the“Biennial Report on the Status of Faculty Diversity and Gender Equity.”

Members 2010-2011

  • River Branch (.5)  chair
  • Frank Forts
  • Tami Lakins
  • Eric Palmer

Lawrence Potter, Chief Diversity Officer, Associate Dean, English Professor

updated 09/05/2011