Campus Life and Community Suggestion

The Campus Life and Community Standards Committee (CLCSC) appreciates your interest in directing us to areas of campus life deserving attention. We promise to take your suggestions under serious consideration to motivate the committee’s work.


If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact:

Before submitting a request to the committee using this form, we ask that you read the statements below to familiarize yourself with the goals and aims of this instrument and the committee’s work.

What this form is not

This form is not intended for:

In any of the above cases, please use the link provided to contact the appropriate office.

Purpose of this form

This form is intended for Allegheny College students, staff, and faculty to suggest areas pertaining to campus life and community health for the committee to explore.

This committee exists to provide high-level summaries and feedback regarding College regulations and guidelines which affect and govern community life. For example, the committee recently reviewed and advised on:

  • Parking standards and regulations
  • Campus residential room “lockout” fees
  • Ways to address and improve access to and importance of mental health on campus

It is important to remember that the committee is an advisory committee that collects facts and provides advice. We invite you to learn more about the committee at the CLCSC website.


Should more information be required, the committee will reach out to interested parties to request clarification or ask additional questions. However, the committee will not correspond unless necessary. This communication will come from the committee chairperson(s) named below.

The committee promises that every suggestion will be given its due consideration. Note that CLCSC may not take up the issue you suggest.

The CLCSC requests that respondents not email the chair(s) to request status updates on any issues suggested. If any issue is taken up by the committee, the result of the committee’s process may be forwarded to you or provided through other campus means. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • editorial articles
  • posted reports
  • reports given during Allegheny Student Government meetings (ASG)

The final form of communication will depend on the appropriate outlet for the committee’s findings.


Readers of this form are designated mandatory reporters under the federal Clery Act. This means that if a response to this form report an activity that constitutes a crime, details of the response will be reported. For more information, read about the Clery Act here.

Additionally, this form collects your email to ensure that you are a member of the Allegheny Community.

When presented at CLCSC meetings, identifying information will not be shared with the committee at-large. Access to form responses is restricted to the committee co-chairs:

By continuing with this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above.

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